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  Web Development ---- KkShow  
  Engage your web visitors with stunning multimedia presentations.  
  KkShow is a series of four unique multimedia products. Each applies innovative technology to make web-based multimedia possible - and practical.  
  KkShow Sales Demo - the perfect sales tool. It's ideal for demonstrating products and services to a wide audience. Animated graphs and illustrations combine to make the intangible, tangible - assisting the efforts of your sales force and maximizing your company's direct sales. Available as an add-on to your web site, or on a CD-ROM - for tradeshow handouts and direct mail.  
  KkShow Recruitment - high-impact audio / visual technology designed to help you reel in new employees. Show off your company - and all the career possibilities you offer in a contemporary, engaging way. You can make it available via your web site. Or on a CD-ROM, there's simply no better way to attract the talent pool of the new generation.  
  KkShow New Hire - the perfect way to simplify the orientation process. The graphically rich interactive environment maximizes information retention. Make it available to employees via your company's internal Intranet, or through your regular external web site. It can even be distributed on a CD-ROM as part of an orientation kit.  
  KkShow Corporate Mission & Vision - a phenomenal way to communicate the energy and spirit of your company. You can use it to motivate business prospects. Inspire and energize employees. And clearly articulate your company's goals and philosophies to the financial markets. Why opt for a stale corporate video when you can create a vibrant, cutting-edge presentation? If you want to leave a lasting impression - this is the way to go.  
  For more information mail us at info@kala-kruti.com  
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