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  Multimedia Development  
  There's a new wave being experienced all over the world. It's a wave of seeing technology work in areas of our life we may never have imagined. True, the Internet has been a big player in most of this. Who ever thought you could enter a starting and an ending point and get precise directions on how to get from one to the other in less than 30 seconds? You can also reach anyone in the world at anytime and send them nearly any document, any picture or any message instantly.  
  Needless to say, unless you step up and embrace this new way of living, you're going to be left behind. Most people, especially business people know the power of being on the "cutting edge". Pen and paper equals plain, ordinary and boring. People want to be dazzled.  
  It used to be enough to give someone your business card or do a presentation using printed sales material, but with the onslaught of multimedia everywhere people have come to expect more and now, you can offer them more.  
  Interactive multimedia allows you to take your service to your customer to a whole new level. There are virtually endless ways of using this exciting new technology. Begin exploring how this new offering can change the way you do business.  
  KkShow is a series of four unique multimedia products. Each applies innovative technology to change the ordinary and boring to exciting and interesting.  
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